At South West, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a wide range of services, while at the same time
being dedicated to expanding and growing our service offerings to meet our customers continually evolving needs.

Our Fleet

South West owns and operates one of the largest pneumatic trailer fleets in Western Canada consisting of over 70 Super B trailer pairs and 15 Triaxle trailers. In addition, we have 15 sets of Super B hopper trailers. Towing our trailer units is done with over 70 individual trucks.
Supporting our value of reliability, we maintain all of our fleet in-house, while also cycling through trucks and trailers on a regular basis. Newer units mean less downtime, which means better service for our customers.
All of our units are outfitted with the latest GPS and electronic logging capabilities ensuring that we are not only meeting with federal and provincial guidelines, but also able to more effectively managing our logistics.


At South West we understand our clients needs in a fast paced and ever-changing supply and demand world. These principles are even more important in the construction and oil & gas industries where the majority of our dry bulk hauling services are focused. By maximizing our trailer use (i.e. pre-loading product), and leveraging our locations across Western Canada, we are able to safely deliver product as efficiently as possible.
We have grown our pneumatic fleet to include over 70 pairs of super B trailers, along with 15 triaxle trailers, transporting primarily cement, fly ash, and dry bulk lime.
Because of the size of our fleet, and our strict clean-out operating procedures, we can confidentiality haul multiple products with-out risk of cross-contamination.

Super B Hoppers

South West uses our fleet of Super B Hoppers to haul grain and fertilizer to support the agriculture industry,as well as sand to various different clients through-out Western Canada.

Products We Haul

Cement / Fly Ash

Supporting the concrete construction and oil & gas service industries, delivering product 24/7.


With uses in concrete and construction, to oil & gas fracking, to general landscaping, sand has many uses.

Bulk Feed Products

Working with local feed mills to deliver raw and blended materials to their customers. Providing salt hauling for both industrial And feed purposes


Hauling and spreading lime for the treatment and modification of soils in the construction and road industry


Supporting Canada’s farmers getting their grain to market, and our tables.

Fertilizer Products

Delivering products to Western Canada’s thriving agriculture industry.


At South West we offer dry bulk spreading services of Lime and various other cementitious materials through specifically designed spreader bars which attach to the back of our pneumatic bulk trailers. This is a great solution for soil amendment and stabilization applications, where our experienced drivers can accurately spread materials covering large areas efficiently.
In addition to pneumatic dry bulk spreading, South West also offers bottom dump spreading services of various products utilizing our super B hopper trailers. We work closely with our customers to ensure that all loading rate and spreading specifications are met on each and every job.

Logistics Management

From receiving orders, to dispatching trucks, to load tracking and invoicing, South West manages a 24/7 order desk operation, complete with custom built dedicated software allowing us to efficiently manage our customers orders.

Should you require assistance with your internal logistics challenges, South West works with software design companies in order to help custom build logistics management solutions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to see how we can help you better manage your orders. 


At South West, we have a large full-service shop capable of handling most truck and trail maintenance operations in-house. This allows us to not only keep our trucks and trailers on the road more often, but ensures that maintenance work is completed cost effectively and efficiently.

What does this mean for you? This means we can pass cost savings on to our customers, while ensuring your loads will safely arrive on-time.

South West is working towards establishing a full-service maintenance shop where clients can bring in their units for regularly schedule maintenance service.